Professional & Experienced Wildlife & Habitat Management Plans

If you choose to take your property to the next level with professional support
We do a “boots on the ground” consultation.

We will discuss topics as:

  1. 1. Access
  2. 2. Tree Stand/Ground Blind Sight Selection. Small strategies to silence your setups.
  3. 3. Food plot locations, layout and design, what to plant and when, how to maintain, etc.
  4. 4. Water
  5. 5. Bedding Areas
  6. 6. Travel Routes (Corridors) & Staging Areas
  7. 7. Hard & Soft Mass Trees and Location Selection
  8. 8. Pine and Spruce Planting and Location Selection
hunting properties southern illinois
wildlife and habitat management plans southern il

Hunting Properties:

No matter if you need just one food plot or comprehensive habitat management, our team can manage as little or as much of your hunting property as you would want. Our focus is to create a more diverse ecosystem throughout your property that will provide forage and cover for a variety of species of wildlife. As a wildlife habitat manager, we are here to assist landowners in defining and setting realistic goals. From there we then create a habitat management plan and work with our clients to help them reach their goals in a reasonable timeframe.

Habitat Assessments

The key to any holding and growing big bucks is by having the proper habitat. At Norton Land Consulting, we use aerial GIS maps and on-site visits to target the different aspects of your property’s deer habitat. Our attention to detail and the ability to identify the specific areas of your property that need improving sets our services above our competitors. We have cost-effective measures that can help improve your hunting property. Identifying the areas throughout your property can result in a higher carrying capacity as well as a healthier deer herd. Every property is laid out differently, which means that each property must be managed in its own specific way. Let our team at Norton Land Management help assess your property and advance you years beyond your hunting neighbors.

Good Habitats are the Foundation for a Healthy Deer Herd

Our plans are created specifically for your property, and we take into account every limiting factor that can keep your property from reaching its full potential, and help it produce amazing results. Our wildlife management plans are full of recommendations and expertise that allows you to meet your wildlife and land goals as effectively and efficiently as possible. We pride ourselves on being able to implement long-term solutions that are guaranteed to help reap benefits on your hunting property for years and years to come. At Norton Land Management, we have the experience and knowledge to offer detailed management plans that cover a variety of topics including:

On-Site Consultation

When it comes to having an on-site consultation on your property, there is no other substitute. Before our team steps foot onto your property, we like to sit down with our clients and discuss their management objectives so that we have some defined goals for our visit. This is a perfect chance to discuss the multi-use vision that you have for your land as well as illuminate any possible shortcomings that you may have come across in the past.  During this process we will review any maps, pictures, and videos as well as hear any stories that you have in order to fully understand your property from your perspective. After our meeting, it is then time to get our hands dirty and boots muddy and we cover your beloved property. While we survey the property, I will take note of areas of opportunity as well as areas of concern and note places where your property is already thriving. This is a great chance to ask any questions and discuss any problems that you have run into in the past. This information collaboration will help form the basis of your management plan.  No issue is too big or too small and we are happy to spend as much time as we need on each area of concern. After we complete the on-site visit, we then create a complete habitat management plan that will help you reach your property’s full ecological potential. Your plan will include both long-term as well as short-term habitat prescriptions, pictures, and maps highlighting food plot recommendations, potential stand and camera placement locations, access routes, and even habitat alterations. I look forward to meeting with all of our clients and visiting your property in the near future.