Forestry & Timber Stand Improvement

Timber Stand Improvements will help encourage faster growth and promote better forest health! Doing this can improve the mix of species as well as create the optimal wildlife habitat.  In order to help promote the growth and regeneration of desired species we will also make sure to thin out the undesirable tree species. Forestry & Timber Stand Improvements is a great way of creating forestry success stories. Not only are we able to create a designed sanctuary for whitetail deer and other wildlife, but we are also helping improve the stand for future timber harvest.

A general guideline for improving your timber stand is that if you are to remove or deaden a tree it should only be because it will benefit a better tree or allow for the regrowth and regeneration of a  more desirable species. We can complete the entire job for you, just mark the trees for you to remove yourself, or let you do the entire job. At Norton Land Management, no matter if you need a heavy timber stand improvement or just a light touch-up, our team is here to help.

Timber stand improvements, also known as TSI, are the control and removal of invasive, non-native, exotic, lower value, and undesirable species in order to help improve the value, growth, and regeneration of the more desirable species.

These non-native and invasive species usually include box elder, multi-flora rose, garlic mustard, honeysuckle, and buckthorn just as examples. These invasive species can out-compete the more desirable species which include cherry and oak. Without having control over the invasive species, they will continue to inhibit regeneration.

No matter if you want to walk your land with an open and clear path or if you appreciate your land managed but with full natural wooded beauty, our team at Norton Land Management wants to help you achieve your vision. We are able to provide the following services for our customers:

Please remember that we do everything that we can in order to provide you with the wildlife and land that you have envisioned. We can do almost anything that you have imagined when it comes to improving your property’s value and habitat. Usually, a chainsaw is the best tool that a property manager can need.