Prescribed Burning for Prairies Grasses & Hardwood Timber

A healthy forest can require necessary upkeep in order to make sure it stays thriving. Neglected land can get filled with excess fuel loads, pests, dead wood, and can become unusable for recreational purposes.  Prescribed burning requires a high level of knowledge and planning. That is why at Norton Land Management we understand the seriousness of fire and take every measure in order to ensure successful and target burns while utilizing appropriate firing techniques to create a clean and even burn with minimum scorch.  This includes building out fire lines and gaps between the designated controlled burn areas and the rest of your property. We understand that forests throughout the area can become overrun with local insects, pets, and undesirable grass & tree species. Fire is the perfect tool to cleanse your land from the old and make to a more useful land.

Firebreak Trails

We understand that for some managers and landowners prescribed fire can be quite intimidating. This is why utilizing properly installed firebreaks is a great way to safely contain fires. We utilize a high-quality mix of clovers as well as other perennial forages to help maximize “bugging” habitat for turkey poults while adding some nutrition for whitetails to your property.

Nesting/Bedding Cover Enhancements

We can make any recommendations for bedding areas, screening, blockades, edge feathering and so on. There are a variety of benefits to hinge cutting, however we will always strive for TSI( Timber Stand Improvement)

Hinge-cutting is the technique of zipping a saw halfway through a smaller tree and then pushing it over. This allows it to stay alive but horizontal, which provides cover and sometimes browse for deer. This is a valuable tool for managing deer habitat. If you hinge cut tree species including hackberry maples, as well as non-mass bearing trees (excluding oaks and hickories) we can put food at a deer’s level and also create bedding areas with certain cuts. The tops of these trees offer a ton of food which is usually in the form of newly grown buds and branches.  When it comes to the size of the bedding area for hinge-cut trees it should be between a quarter to a half-acre.