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Habitat Consulting and Wildlife Management

Build Properties That All Wildlife Can Thrive On.

Being born and raised in the country and into a family that avidly enjoys the outdoors has instilled the importance of protecting our great country’s natural resources since I was young. At Norton Land Consulting & Management we are devoted to helping all of our clients explore and enjoy the opportunities that their land can provide for them. We aim to come up with a cost-effective and creative way of managing your natural resources in order to help maximize your hunting goals and all of the potential return from your land while ensuring the habitat is reaching its fullest potential.

It's Your Property, Carve It Out
From The Must Haves To The Don't Wants

Incease The Diversity of Your Properties

Whether you have hundreds of acres or only a few, we will work hand-in-hand with you to create an affordable customized program to help you read your land’s full potential for hunting & recreational activities. Norton Land Consulting & Management is devoted to providing an effective assessment of each property’s natural resources. We meet with new and veteran landowners with any sized property to gain a comprehensive understanding of the property’s habitat, ensuring work begins in the right direction. Norton specializes in the design, layout, and improvement of a property’s natural resources for the overall achievement of the landowner’s goals.

natural wildlife resources southern illinois
increase wildlife diversity southern illinois
  1. 1. It’s your Property, Carve It Out from the Must Haves to the Don’t Wants
  2. 2. Increase the Diversity of Your Properties
  3. 3. Whether you have hundreds of acres or only a few, we will work hand-in-hand with you to create an affordable customized program to help you read your land’s full potential for hunting & recreational activities.

Services We Provide

wildlife management plans southern illinois

Wildlife & Habitat Management Plans

Wildlife management plans are guides that show how, when, and where you should implement habitat improvement practices. Creating a management plan for farmland, river bottom ground, or wooded timber is a smart investment Having a carefully developed plan helps provide you with objectives and goals, resource inventory, site-specific recommendations as well as a specific schedule to follow.

timber stand improvement southern il

Forestry & Timber Stand Improvement

The purpose of TSI, also known as timber stand improvement, is to free any desirable trees from the competition and to remove the trees that are poorer in quality. This helps improve the overall condition of the stand and helps concentrate growth onto the trees you have selected. TSI can also help improve wildlife food and habitat as well as the appearance and health of a woodlot. TSI increases hard mast production and increases ground layer vegetation, which then increases browse options and cover for all of the wildlife.

food plots southern illinois

Food Plot Design, Creation & Maintenance

Creating and maintaining food plots can help provide supplemental food as well as nutrition for wildlife. However, food plots should never be considered substitutes for managing the native vegetation to provide a quality food source. In addition, to create supplemental nutrition for the wildlife during stress periods, food plots also can be created to improve hunting or viewing opportunities, as well as to alter deer movement patterns.

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Real Estate Pre-Purchase Consultations

Are you looking to buy your next hunting property? At Norton Land Consulting & Management, we are here to help determine hunting quality as well as help you avoid unexpected pitfalls! Our services range from a virtual meeting with a discussion all the way up to a full on-site review and habitat planning session. We are an independent consultant (not a realtor who focuses on the sale) in order to help you achieve your hunting property objectives.

Additional Services Offered

Indepth 3-5 Year Management Plan

Every Plan is Customized for You

We don’t want to waste any of your time with “Package deals” because we understand that every customer’s needs are unique, and our methods will need to be customized according to those needs. When we come to assist you, our specialists can be either hands-on or hands-off, whichever you prefer. We are able to be “boots on the ground”, checking out your land with you and helping you find solutions to help your property and wildlife thrive.

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