Other Services

Invasive Species Treatment

This service is for landowners who have inherited or developed land which is being taken over by unwanted foreign invaders. An issue that we have run into time and time again, is the property owners being aware of these invasive species, but not having the time to fully address the issue in order to get them under control.

Allow us to free up your mind, and your schedule, as our team can take care of these unwelcome guests for you. Our services will help give your native flora the opportunity to try and reign supreme again throughout your property.

Secondary roads that come from primary roads are usually where stands are placed as well as where food plots are created. These roads are typically more narrow and can create a sense of security for your wildlife as well as help with not scaring any animals that utilize the sanctuary or food plot areas.

At Norton Land Consulting, we can help a landowner properly lay out a trail/road system on their existing land. We can also improve any existing trials/roads by creating a roadbed that has a crown that allows the water to run off and is usable all year round. Roads that are properly maintained can increase the value of the land as well as make it more accessible and usable for walking/hiking trails, equestrian use, and ATV riding.

As part of our team’s dedication, we can become a steward of the land. To support this, we are proud to offer fence line clearing for commercial, government, and residential municipalities. An unkempt fence line can be risky. This is because overgrown weeds, brush, and bushes can create unforeseen problems that can compromise your safety by providing fuel for potential fires.  As far as extending the life of your fence, there is no wonder why many people take an interest in keeping their fence line clear of brush, as this has the potential to increase the life of your investment.  We work directly with our customers to not only provide fence line-clearing methods that will eliminate any unwanted vegetation. We, at Norton Land Consulting, can also discuss and educate our clients on the ways that they can keep unwanted vegetation at bay in the future.