Real Estate Pre-Purchase Consultations

Pre-Purchase Property Evaluation

A few things in life can be exciting as well as terrifying, one of these things includes purchasing a property.  In what may be one of the most important financial decisions of a person’s life, you need to make sure that you enter the marketplace with an understanding of what requirements need to be fulfilled by the property.  This is where we come in! We can help assist you on your journey to be a landowner by providing you with an honest and unbiased evaluation of the property you are interested in.  After meeting with our clients to discuss the intended uses of the property, we can create a system of “must-haves” as well as “don’t-wants”. We prospect each property that has potential as if it were our own investment, giving our clients an honest evaluation of where it excels and where it may fall short of the client’s aspirations.  Allow our trained eyes to be the biggest asset at your disposal as you hunt for the perfect property.

Real Estate Property Advising/Buying

At Norton Land Management, we work directly with the approved agent on your behalf to help identify the best property purchase to meet your goals. No matter if your property is for investment purposes or recreational ones.